Trump’s Penis Outpaces Anthony Weiner’s in the media

Trump vs Weiner

After hearing rumors that the penis of President Donald Trump had out performed Anthony Weiner’s penis in garnering media attention the crack staff at Perpetual Panic took up the challenge of verifying and reporting on this sensitive political story. With the ego involved with the PPUS (Penis of the President of the United States) this has to be treated as the hard hitting story that it is.

After literally seconds of intense debate it was settled. The Perpetual Panic staff would google two terms; “Donald Trump Penis” and “Anthony Weiner Penis”. The results were shocking. The PPUS dominated the penis of Anthony Weiner in every category. Note: After being informed that size doesn’t matter, Perpetual Panic staff did not address the issue of size. In terms of hits, The Donald’s Penis out performed with a score of 1,110,000 to 739,000. The PPUS is clearly the fastest growing penis on the internet.

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