Staying Pure: Mike Pence Is Crushing His Testicles With The Lincoln Bible After Being Aroused By The Feminine Contours Of The Capitol Building


It’€™s no secret that our vice president-elect is a deeply Christian man, but today, at Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration, he proved that the scripture is much more than just a talking point. After noticing the U.S. Capitol Building’€™s alluring feminine contours and becoming intensely aroused… Read More At ClickHole

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Canada to close border as attention turns to U.S. Inauguration


Hundreds of thousands could become trapped in The U.S. after Canadian Royal Mounted Police announce frontier closures. On the eve of Donald Trump’s inauguration as the 45th President of The United States The Canadian Royal Mounted Police announced the closing of Canada’s southern border. Canadian leaders claim to have closed the main refugee route to Alberta, raising the possibility of

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