Arctic Drilling Releases 30,000 Year Old Virus


Atlanta, GA – Scientist from the CDC have confirmed that they have lost containment of a 30,000 year old virus awaken by oil drilling in the Arctic. Lead researcher, Carl Glover, said, “We just don’t know the extent or impact of the spread of the virus, Mollivirus Arcticum.” Glover added, “Estimated world wide infections in the next year range from 1,000,000 to 270,000,000 individuals.” Glover also warned that, “incidence like this will become more and more common if commercial exploitation of The Arctic continues.”

Mollivirus Arcticum – “soft virus from Arctic” – is the fifth prehistoric type of virus found in the Arctic and the first to break containment. Measuring in at .06 of an inch in length the Mollivirus Arcticum also qualifies as a “Mega-Virus.”

To qualify as a “Mega-Virus”, a virus need only measure .002 of an inch. At nearly thirty times that size, the Mollivirus Arcticum is the largest virus know to infect humans.

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