About Perpetual Panic

Since it’s founding, nearly 3 days ago, Perpetual Panic has become the nations fastest growing and most reliable source for breaking news. Perpetual Panic can now boast a daily readership in the low double digits. With a current staff of just under 2 part-time journalists committed to the highest standards, Perpetual Panic has the resources to cover breaking news around the world like none other.

Perpetual Panic is now a free service of Konnun, LLC.


Q. How do I contact Perpetual Panic

A. Feel free to send email to contact@perpetualpanic.com or snail mail to Konnun, LLC PO box 2535 Eugene, OR 97402. Be warned, most correspondence will be ignored.


Q. Can I get a job at Perpetual Panic?

A. No.


Q. Can I provide feedback on a story run by Perpetual Panic?

A. No.


Q. Can I submit a story as a guest writer or submit story ideas?

A. Yes. Feel free to send articles or story ideas to guestwriting@perpetualpanic.com. Be warned, we will likely steal your article or idea and publish it as our own.


Q. I hate Perpetual Panic. How do I shut you down?

A. You can’t, unless you buy the company. Konnun, LLC is for sale for $200,000,000 USD. Otherwise, satire is protected free speech. We don’t use real names except when poking fun at a public figure or organization. Any similarities are simply coincidence, yadda yadda yadda.




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